Because of technological advances, new products are developed continually. Electrónica para Industrias S.R.L., with more than 25 years of experience in high frequency PVC welding, has designed and built a great amount and variety of tools in order to weld PVC., and has learned a lot of things. Hence EPI can offer all kind of molds, dies and electrodes for the manufacturing of products like:

stationery items; portfolios; folders; ring books; cases; boxes; notebooks; binders; briefcases; classifiers; calendar covers; publicity articles; bags; hand bags; desk articles; photo albums; albums for cards, coins or stamps; mouse pads; baby pants; labels; parts of sport shoes and children shoes; inflatable toys or boats; blister packaging; displays; raincoats; security clothes; canvas swimming pools; tarpaulins for trucks; awnings; tents; industrial coverings, for agricultural, for vehicles; etc.; pneumatic structures, air supported and tightened, for exhibitions or events or for deposits; industrial and agricultural containers; water or ventilation conduits; back light; flags; agricultural silos made of plastic; automotive interiors, door panels, sun visors, etc.; seat covers; medical bags; air mattresses and clinical mattresses; inflatable pillows and seats; cartridge holders; plastic wallets; applications on cloths; key rings and many more.

All our electrodes from the simplest single, to the more complex ones of high production, are designed with the help of computers in order to achieve precision, repeatability and accuracy.

Likewise, the components for the production of electrodes are supplied:







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